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A problem (which is not yet a problem, in fact) important to be solved is the brand structure. This brand structure is nothing more than an organization system that will allow the company to express itself in a more organized and more coherent way in its communication, since its products will be classified into categories, sub-brands, signatures, etc. Companies that have this type of organization are companies that express greatness, power, dominance, experience, as it is a company that does not deal only with one product, but with several. That way the brand will never work alone, isolated, it will always work with the help of an signature that will represent the range of products belonging to it. And so, 2 are more stronger than just 1. 


These signatures are part of the definition of this structure and that is why I think it is important to comment on them now, before the brand itself. The idea with this system is to allow OVO to expand to any niche market without the need to constantly create new brands, new identities, new concepts. This system allows OVO to become a giant company because any product produced by it will always be directly linked to the main brand, every new product is a new image reinforcement.
Unlike companies that do not have this organization, each product they create they build a new brand, a new identity and a new concept and this makes the main brand hidden behind it, not helping in any reinforcement. By the way, many big brands make this kind of mistake simply because they did not plan from the beginning, because they did not care or because it will coast a fortune to organize it and remade all the structure again.



These are brand signature icons where one represents the Copyright (symbol belonging to the same family as TradeMark and Registered), and the symbol of a Globe which represents the area in which the company operates. However, the Globe icon has been slightly altered to have the lines of a basketball, this is a subtle touch that will make people look twice and think "Hey, this is not a globe, this is a basketball", and in fact, that is.


Something that may initially be confusing is about understanding the symbol. Its concept is entirely based on “OVO” writing followed by a technological/futuristic aesthetic, therefore, it has connections and cuts that make it fit within that concept and can then behave as a symbol.
This is a symbol and not textual information, a symbol must behave as a symbol, as a form that represents something, not just as writing/word. Although it is still possible to read "OVO" in its form, this is not its main function, its function is to be a memorable form, something unique and expressive.

ovo-plate_Prancheta 1.png
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